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Eternal Blade
  • TitleEternal BladeGo main page
  • GenreMMORPG
  • DeveloperGala Lab
  • Domestic PublisherGala Lab
  • Service StatusKorea, Japan, Indonesia(TBA)


Exciting and fancy One to Many action with background in pastel reminding of image of Japanese cartoon.

Real exhilarating hunting!! Eternal Blade


Real exhilarating hunting!! Eternal Blade

Battle against boss monsters existing in Hestia.
For you, the battle against the boss monsters is inevitable.
Real exhilarating hunting sweeping away a lot of monsters.
Dazzling skills!
Please save the world from monsters with evil spirit.
Your power is our hope.

Strong and full of characteristics, Holy Animal, creature of God.

Creature of God means partner who is very helpful to avatar.
Soul of Holy Animal can be reborn as Holy Animal through soul purification after absorbing Ether property that is erupting when avatar kills monsters who has Hela's spirit on them.

Ether, origin of pure life

Ether is origin of life of Hestia.
When you hunt monsters cursed by Hela, you will see ray of light which is called Ether.
Holy Animal can make avatar's skill more powerful and astonishing as well as avatar's default ability and also it helps avatar have unique battle depending on what types of Holy Animal the avatar equips. Holy Animals blessed by Freya are waiting for hero to rescue Hestia from Hela.

By collecting Ether, soul of Holy Animal can be newly born as Holy Animal through purification of soul. And it can be origin of skill usage and could recover avatar's strength and spirit that was exhausted from battle.
Ether is very important energy in Hestia, our own world so that it is precious light of hope that should not be deteriorated or stolen by Hela.


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