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Gala Lab would like to be with you as a communication ground based on games which became ‘Industry’ and ‘Culture’ on our lives.
There are countless people communicate on & off line based on games now a days. Gala Lab will do all the best to be in the middle of people communicate with their own languages and cultures.

Gala Lab Corp.
May 4th, 2002
July 1st, 2010
HyunSu Kim

Based on previous service knowhow, we would like to deliver joy from Gala Lab games not only to Korea but also more countries in the global.
Along with the joy, Gala Lab would like to be a ‘joyful company’ which present ‘fresh aroma & breeze’ like, innovative, featured and fun games to the world.

Games in Korea are not only fill the people with joy but also accepted as culture and valued industry. Furthermore, Korean games are doing its job well as a ‘culture missionary’ which connect world’s people based on the ‘fun’.
With games which can be played by whoever love games, Gala Lab’s energetic steps forwards will be continued to meet you.

5F, KRAFTON Tower, 117, Bundangnaegok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13529, KOREA